Web users: get paid to share your links

Linkbucks allows you to make cash from the links your users' post, from the links you place on your website, or from the posts you make in a forum. After your page loads your links are automatically and seamlessly converted into ones that make you money. This is because the site the link goes to will include a banner that you get paid for.Linkbucks is a forum-centric ad network 

It is as easy as possible to integrate their links into your forums. Paid links can be generated in BBcode, HTML, or automatically so that you can profit off of all outbound links.

Every funny video, file, or web page that you've ever linked to is making money for someone. Linkbucks rewards the people that make the web possible by giving them a share of the advertising dollars that their links generate.

To get started, complete a quick registration form, log in, and just create a paying link, paste the code on your website, and watch the money add up as people click on your links.

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Linkbee is a URL shortening service that can be used with blogs, forums, websites and Twitter. Linkbee provides the following features:

  • Short URL Creation
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Share Photos on Twitter
  • Bookmarking
  • Referral ProgramRevenue sharing!
They also allow you to decide how the shortened paying link looks like, for instance:

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